Jun 2, 2015
CUWB 1.0

Precise real-time location has arrived!

The latest release of CUWB, CUWB 3.3: Bernoulli, is now available. Check out the announcement page or the documentation.

Ciholas is pleased to announce our new Real-Time Location System and the new DWUSB-SMA Ultra-Wideband Development Kit. Ciholas has joined Decawave as a trusted partner to provide custom engineering services using the DecaWave DW1000 Ultra Wideband transceiver chip. This chip is a game changer, enabling numerous applications using distance measuring capability with an accuracy of 10 cm while also supporting up to 6.8 Mbps license-free wireless communication.

Ciholas is launching a new Community Forum and a new Online-Store to support the sale and use of DWUSBs. If you have any questions about the DWUSB or the demo software, please feel free to contact Ciholas.

Ciholas can develop systems and products using the DW1000 chip in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Real Time Location Services (RTLS) for inventory, people, livestock or machines
  • Proximity and alert systems for safety, protection, security, and automation
  • Augmentation with inertial navigation for better dynamic response
  • Ground truthing for research and scientific applications
  • Precise navigation for autonomous vehicles and robots
  • Virtual fencing, security, and monitoring


UWB Evaluation Platform

The DWUSB is designed to allow evaluation of the Decawave technology and to demonstrate the location algorithms developed by Ciholas. Advanced users can also develop their own code on the DWUSB for their particular purposes.

The DWUSB incorporates an ARM processor, RF transceiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and an altimeter all into a compact USB powered design. All functions of the device can be accessed through an USB virtual serial port from a PC or embedded processor.

DWUSB Hardware Features

  • Atmel ATSAM4S4AA 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 RISC processor
  • Decawave DW1000 single chip Ultra Wideband (UWB) IEEE802.15.4-2011
  • InvenSense MPU-9250 Motion Tracking device with 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis magnetometer
  • ST Microelectronics LPS25H absolute digital barometer. High-resolution 1 Pa RMS

Demo Software


The Ciholas demo code (dwusb gui) operates on 64-bit Linux. The demo code includes a two way ranging (TWR) function and an RTLS location service using Ciholas developed algorithms. Future versions will add new operating modes and refinements.

Demo Software Features

  • Two Way Ranging (TWR) mode between any two DWUSB-SMA devices
    • Range reported in meters along with average value and standard deviation of data
    • Data is recorded at 20Hz repeat rate and plotted over time
    • Signal Strength dB reported for first path and multipath plotted along with distance
  • Real Time Location Services
    • Determine XYZ position of DWUSB-SMA device setup as tag using data collected from surveyed anchors.
    • Positions reported in meters recorded at 20Hz repeat rate
    • Live plot and data smoothing

The Zeno release of the CUWB system is not FCC approved and is intended for use only in UWB research and development.

Let's get started, where do I go next?

The latest release of CUWB, CUWB 3.3: Bernoulli, is now available. Check out the announcement page or the documentation.


File Description
DWUSB GUI (64-bit Linux) SHA1:3255b3be4219b3b365452230ea737c97e657b856
DWUSB Gui demo software. Evaluation software for the DWUSB system.
DWUSB Firmware (DFU) SHA1:b22409fb1ac9045fc4dd7875a87ae506a1de4d12
DWUSB Firmware Device Firmware Upgrader. 64-bit linux installer program for DWUSBs.
DWUSB Firmware (binary) SHA1:6ec88ddfcf3be31336bfba8ea218b7be7dced728
DWUSB Firmware in binary format. To be used with software such as Atmel's SAM-BA.
Zeno/DWUSB User Guide SHA1:f7d52e236eb97df2f2aa953c0b198307af6360ee
User Guide for DWUSB Gui demo software and the DWUSB product.
Example Log File for Playback SHA1:7e1bc0d71d4e7c74972ac00f07b8a24c9101e940
An example log file from our demonstration videos.
UWB Talk Messaging Libraries (1.3.30) SHA1:3080703dead1d0e85f72dc27516f47345704a3a2
Library for integrating the DWUSB GUI output as input into your software platform.