Aug 1, 2016
CUWB 2.0

More data and improved configurability!

The latest release of CUWB, CUWB 3.3: Bernoulli, is now available. Check out the announcement page or the documentation.

The Archimedes revision of the Ciholas Ultra-Wideband (CUWB) system is designed for developers to test and evaluate UWB technologies. The software incorporates a full Real-Time Location System (RTLS) as well as demonstrations for Two-Way Ranging (TWR) and sensor back-haul over UWB. The archimedes system is designed to be configurable and flexible to meet the demands of UWB developers.

MORE configurability...

Configurable Location Rates

Configure device beacon rates to meet your needs. Conserve battery, limit latency, or improve accuracy with high location rates and smoothing.

Wired Infrastructure

Unleash the raw location rate power by switching to wired infrastructure. Wired anchors don't waste UWB air time and they report data to the CUWB server immediately improving system latency.

Configurable RF Parameters

Want to test with varying parameters? The Archimedes CUWB server allows users to adjust RF parameters to meet their needs for testing, research, and development.

MORE data...

9-axis Inertial Data

Real time Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Magnetometer reading are now visible in the UI and can be used by applications listening to the output data stream.


Gather rotation data in the form of quaternions directly from the motion processing unit on devices and use it in your application.

High Resolution Digital Barometer

Environment sensing is now available with absolute barometric pressure and temperature readings.

... and MORE tools!

Alternate Map Angles

Need to see how the system is operating on a different axis? We've added additional map orientations for users to select the optimal view for their application.

Line-of-Sight UI Tool

Anchor placement is a critical to achieving desired performance. The line-of-sight (LOS) tool provides a quick way for users to check that they have placed anchors in good locations for LOS to the master.

Device List UI Tool

Have a large installation to manage? The new device list tool lets you see in one window a list of connected devices along with their network parameters.

The Archimedes release of the CUWB system is not FCC approved and is intended for use only in UWB research and development.

Where do I go from here?

The latest release of CUWB, CUWB 3.3: Bernoulli, is now available. Check out the announcement page or the documentation.