• CUWB 3.3 (Bernoulli)
Bernoulli System (CUWB 3.x)

The Bernoulli release of the Ciholas Ultra-Wideband (CUWB) system is designed for scalability and configurability. The system implements a full Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and maintains many features of the previous releases.

With support for FCC approved products, and scalable design, the Bernoulli CUWB system is appropriate for use in commercial environments.

Key Features

  • Precise Real-Time Location
    • Centimeter level precision
    • Over 3400 locations per second
    • Real-time latency of position
  • Scalability
    • Distributed time synchronization
    • Web based configuration and monitoring
    • Server API for easy integration with applications
    • Simple installation and device management
  • FCC Approved and EU/CE Compliant
  • Data Rich
    • 9 axis motion sensing (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
    • Pressure and temperature sensors
    • Quaternions
    • Real-time latency of data
  • 3D Visualization
    • Model and primitive import for environment simulation
    • Improved system health reporting
  • Additional Features
    • System logging and playback
    • Low power device options
    • Highly configurable

Precise Real-Time Location

Centimeter Level Precision

RTLS algorithms developed by Ciholas enable CUWB Networks to achieve centimeter level precision in all axes. This high level of precision does not require averaging of data and is realized on every single tag beacon.

Over 3400 Locations Per Second

CUWB Networks are highly configurable, with the ability to track thousands of devices at slow beacon rates, or dozens of devices at extremely high rates. The CUWB Manager allows Tags to be configured for beacon rates ranging from 1Hz up to 200Hz. Devices can be tracked using any combination of beacon rates with an overall system rate of over 3400 Locations Per Second (LPS).

Real-Time Latency of Position

Real-time applications often require minimum latency between Tag beacon and position output. The CUWB Network RTLS is capable of 5-10ms position and sensor data latency.


Distributed Time Synchronization

The Bernoulli CUWB Network system was designed specifically for scalability. The system synchronizes time across the network without the need for a single master device. In previous revisions, the master device served as the network time synchronizer, limiting the size of installations to the UWB range of the master. The Bernoulli CUWB system uses multiple anchors for time synchronization allowing networks to be built out over extremely large areas.

Additionally, the distributed time methodology allows for redundancy and failover. CUWB Networks can lose connectivity to one or more devices and continue to produce valid positions and data.

Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring

The web-based CUWB Manager provides accessible configuration from anywhere on the user’s network. Configuring and managing CUWB Networks is easily managed from any modern web browser.

The CUWB Manager also provides a portable method of system monitoring. Live network status information, such as device connectivity status or system log, can be viewed via a web browser.

Server API for Easy Integration with Applications

Software integration is essential to RTLS systems used in the real world. The CUWB Manager provides a RESTful API which makes it easy to integrate configuration and operation of CUWB Networks with any application. Through the API, users can dynamically add and remove tags from the network, change anchor locations on the fly, and much more.

Simple Installation and Device Management

Keeping the CUWB system up-to-date is easily done through the Debian package manager. The package manager will pull in updates for the system as well as firmware updates for devices. When an update is available, the CUWB network can be configured to automatically update devices to the latest firmware either over-the-air or on-the-wire.

FCC Approved and EU/CE Compliant

The CUWB Network system is compatible with the many Ciholas UWB devices that are FCC approved in the United States and have CE marking in the European Union. Customers may now purchase and use the CUWB Network system for applications outside of research and development applications.

Data Rich

9-Axis Motion Sensing

All CUWB Network compatible devices have built in motion processing functionality that allows them to generate 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data. The system can be configured to provide data generated by any or all of these sensors at various rates along with the UWB position data.

Pressure and Temperature sensors

Along with the motion-sensing functionality, CUWB Network compatible devices are also capable of gathering pressure and temperature data. These can be configured independently of the other sensors, and support numerous data rates.


Using the 9-axis motion sensing data, CUWB Network compatible devices can be configured to provide quaternion data encoding rotation and orientation information.

Real-time latency of data

CUWB device sensor data is generated in real-time, and transmitted over UWB to the server. The CUWB Network achieves latency as low as 5-10mS from the time the data is generated to the CDP Packet reporting the data to the end user.

3D Visualization

The Viewer is a 3D visualization of the Ciholas Ultra-Wideband (CUWB) Real Time Location System (RTLS). It provides a user interface displaying the locations of CUWB network devices, such as Anchors and Tags in real time. The Viewer also presents basic system information, such as device status, statistics, sensor plotting, and more.

Model Import

The new CUWB Viewer was built with visualization in mind. The Viewer can import standard 3D model formats and has a library of primitive components that can be imported for environment modeling. These features enable users to create 3D environments that are representative of their application.

Improved Health Reporting

The CUWB Viewer allows users to view not only tag locations in real-time, but also anchor status and health. Status is displayed by the Viewer through the color coding of anchors. Placing the Viewer in UWB Heatmap mode allows users to see at a glance which anchors are contributing to the location solution for a tag.

Additional Features

System Logging and Playback

The CUWB system includes a CDP logger for logging system data. The logger can capture CUWB Network internal data and externally published data, such as position reports. Captured log data can be played back for review and analysis.

Playback of log data allows for post-analysis of data as well as a test framework.

Low Power Device Options

CUWB Network devices default to low power modes while attempting to discover UWB networks in the area. By default, sensors and system components that draw power are placed into a low-power state unless explicitly configured for use.

Highly Configurable

Tag beacon rates and schedules are very flexible in the CUWB Network. Tags may be assigned different roles allowing them to operate at different location rates.

Tags can be configured on the fly allowing the user to add, remove, and configure tags without interfering with ongoing network operations.


Bernoulli and other CUWB software packages are available under a free non-commercial, evaluation license. Non-evaluation uses of the software requires a license. Please contact Ciholas for additional licensing information.


Ciholas specializes in customizing hardware and software to fit the needs of a very diverse group of customers. Contact us for further details.

Additional Information

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