• CUWB 2.0 (Archimedes)
Archimedes System

Archimedes System Description

The Archimedes revision of the Ciholas Ultra-Wideband (CUWB) system is designed for developers to test and evaluate UWB technologies. The software incorporates a full Real-Time Location System (RTLS) as well as demonstrations for Two-Way Ranging (TWR) and sensor back-haul over UWB. The archimedes system is designed to be configurable and flexible to meet the demands of UWB developers.

The Archimedes release of the CUWB system is not FCC approved and is intended for use only in UWB research and development.

Information on system usage and installation is available in the online Archimedes User Manual, and the Downloads section.

System Features

  • Real-Time Location System
  • Two-Way Ranging
  • Motion Processing Data with 9-axis Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Magnetometer.
  • High Resolution Digital Barometer with Temperature Sensing
  • Sensor back-haul over UWB to server for visualization
  • Configurable Tag beacon rates
  • Configurable UWB Radio Frequency (RF) parameters

Archimedes System Components

The Archimedes RTLS consists of three major components:


Anchors are static devices placed in a region of interest that act as reference points. In order to generate meaningful position output RTLS applications require known physical locations within a region to compare timing data.


Tags are mobile devices placed in a region of interest that are trackable. They can be placed on objects or personnel in order to provide location data. Additionally Ciholas hardware is capable of transmitting sensor data such as 9-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer back to the CUWB network for processing.


The Master device is a static device placed in a known location that acts as a timing reference for the system. The master device transmits a timing beacon that is used by the VM algorithm to correlate timing data reported by anchors. The Master must be physically connected to the PC running the CUWB server application and serves not only as a timing reference but also receives sensor and other data from the network that is reported by devices.

Device Specific

Information on specific hardware usable with the Archimedes CUWB Server can be found in the components section for Anchors, Tags, or Masters

System Operation

Please visit the following links for Archimedes specific documentation:

  • System installation and usage instructions check out the User Manual
  • Software and Binaries can be found in the Downloads section

Please visit the following links for more information and documentation regarding Ciholas UWB systems and products: